About us

Stone Heart is a culmination of a love for jewellery and an entrepreneurial spirit, shared by three passionate woman from Cape Town. Having all grown up with a penchant for various accessories, from shoes and handbags to scarves and most importantly jewellery, we decided to live our passion and started selling jewellery in 2015 as a side business.

The response received from customers was overwhelmingly positive, and we continued in this manner until late 2017, when all agreed it was time to commit fully to growing the business that we are so passionate about.

Since then we have done extensive research into international jewellery trends and in the process have managed to identify superior craftsmen with whom we’ll collaborate to ensure that we are always able to deliver jewellery ranges that are of superior quality, yet totally affordable.

We are excited to bring you a combination of our three very different styles and are sure that we’ll have something unique to satisfy all our customers, irrespective of age.

So please join us as we continue to present you with our various tantalizing ranges of jewellery!